About Us

Who are we?

PaperTakers LLC is an online marketplace for students to hire freelancers to assist them with homework assignments, creating model essays/papers, PowerPoints, and more! PaperTakers is based out of Delaware but has operated out of Maryland since 2016!

What separates us from the competition?

Other websites and platforms are vertically integrated. They hire their own writers and freelancers, which means that you’re counting on them to ensure that they are hiring quality workers. Unfortunately, many of these websites hire foreign writers that do not have a strong grasp of the English language. Due to their cheaper labor costs.

At PaperTakers we do not hire any freelancers or experts! We allow clients to pick and choose their own freelancers based on their resume, reviews, and credentials. We have no special interest and only seek to ensure that both parties are being treated fairly and ethically!

Why choose Us?

  • - Registered company out of the United States (Delaware)
  • - Escrow backed payment system to prevent scamming
  • - No special interest regarding freelancers or clients
  • - We allow users to pick their own freelancers based on honest criteria

How do we prevent scamming?

We utilize an escrow to prevent scamming on our platform. An escrow is a system that requires the project owner to fund the project before hiring a freelancer. These funds sit under our custody while your freelancer works on your project. Your freelancer cannot run off with your deposit due to our escrow withholding the funds.

The escrow will only release money to the freelancer when the client has marked the project as successfully completed.