PaperTakers Story

PaperTakers is an online platform that allows users to post academic projects and to hire freelancers that apply! Below are the two basic roles for the website

  • Employer/Student (The person posting the project) can post projects and find a suitable freelancer to work with on their project!
  • Freelancers can look for and bid on projects to work on.

This guide will show students and freelancers how to operate the website and find out how everything works!

Tutorial for Students (Part 1)

1. Post a Project

  • Sign up and create your account. Once you’ve made an account with us, you’ll be able to post your project. You can post a project by clicking “Projects” on the top of your screen and select the “Post Project” option on the sub-menu.

2. Hire a Freelancer

  • Go to your profile first by clicking your name on the right hand side of the screen. Click “My Profile” and scroll to where it says “Update” STRIPE information. Add your debit card so that you can hire a freelancer! Click “Projects” on the top of your screen and select “All projects posted” to give you a list of projects you’ve made on the site. Click the specific project you’re looking for and you’ll be able to view all the freelancers that applied.
  • Take a look at their reviews, experience, and bid to see if they are the right fit for you!

3. Load up the escrow

  • After choosing the freelancer to work on your project, load up our escrow! Before the project gets started, you will be asked to pay the cost of the project. Your funds are held securely in our automatic escrow! An escrow holds your funds while the freelancer works on your project. The freelancer only receives the funds when you signal that the work was complete!
  • Our escrow protects clients from being scammed (as the funds are only released upon client approval). The escrow also protects freelancers by securing the funds prior to the freelancer starting the project.

4. Chat with freelancer and exchange files

  • Click “Projects” at the top of the screen and select “All Projects Posted” to give you your project list. Select the option that says “Workspace” next to your project. On this page you’ll be able to chat with your freelancer and send files.

5. Complete project and leave a review on your freelancer!

  • Follow the directions in step 4 to get to the Workspace page. On this page, select “Finish” project and rate your freelancer! Remember to select “Finish” and not the “Close” option.

Tutorial for Freelancers (Part 2)

1. Find projects to bid on

  • Click “Projects” on the top of the site to find a list of available projects. Pick whichever project that interests you and apply to it! You can input the subject and type of project you’re looking for.

2. Chat with clients

  • If you’ve been hired for a project you can chat with your client by clicking “My projects” at the top of the website. Find the project you are working on and click the “Workspace” option. You’ll be in a chatroom where you can chat and share files with the client you were hired by!

3. Submit work, receive your payment, and review your client

  • In your workspace you can submit files to the client. If they approve of completion, you’ll be automatically paid out for the project via the STRIPE account you connected with us!