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Essay on Descartes ideas on the nature of the person

Write Essay/Paper College Undergrad 3 pages 1 source APA Philosophy
Posted on : 03.13.2023 11 Bids $45-$75 Deadline : 03.15.2023

Project Detail

According to Descartes’s Discourse on Method, what is the nature of the
person? In this work Descartes discuses knowledge, certainty, science,
God, the soul, the body, as well as the way in which philosophical thought
should approach these topics. He is trying to establish a new foundation
for philosophical thought, and to set philosophy on a new course. What
idea of the person emerges from his discussion of these topics and from
his attempt to establish a new direction for philosophy?
Write a well-organized and carefully argued three-page essay on this
topic. Base your essay closely on the text of Descartes’s Discourse we
have been studying during the semester (Discourse on Method [1637], trans. by Donald Cress, 3rd edition,
(Hackett)) , and do not resort to flimsy,
unreliable sources like Wikipedia, sparknotes, etc. Please follow the
writing format instructions given in the syllabus, and be sure to
proofread and carefully check your work before handing it in.
Papers are due in class Wednesday, March 15th.

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