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Complete by Midnight tonight.

Posted on : 03.06.2023 1 Bids $30-$30
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check the paper detail

Posted on : 03.01.2023 11 Bids $60-$60
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Complete by 02/26/2023 @ 9PM

Posted on : 02.26.2023 6 Bids $15-$15
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Complete by 02/26/2023 @ 9pm

Posted on : 02.26.2023 4 Bids $15-$15

Read the attached file for project details

Posted on : 02.26.2023 11 Bids $75-$100
Sociology evaluation paper Sociology View more

You have been selected to evaluate an innovative new program for the Probation Department of Yolo County. The goal of the program is to reduce participants recidivism. The program is an out-patient treatment program that provides participants with cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) through meetings with trained CBT counselors. Participants meet in a group setting with other participants twice a week and have one individualized session with a counselor. The details of the program can be found h ...

Posted on : 02.22.2023 9 Bids $30-$80
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Format your exam submission in ONE double-spaced Word document. Font is 12pt Times New Roman. Use Question titles as section titles. Do not include the exam questions within exam submission. Format responses in narrative paragraph format rather than bullet list. Do not include cover page, introduction, abstract, executive summary, table of contents, or conclusion.

Submission for each question must contain specific references to course materials (e.g., lecture modules, required and recom ...

Posted on : 02.21.2023 11 Bids $75-$120
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Complete by 2/19/2023 at 9 PM

Posted on : 02.19.2023 5 Bids $20-$20
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Complete by 2/19/2023 at 9 PM

Posted on : 02.19.2023 4 Bids $10-$10
I need a research proposal History View more

Page 1: List your topic. List of 5 sources in correct Chicago/Turabian Format (1 book, 1 movie or documentary and 3 other sources MUST BE SCHOLARLY SORCES)
Page 2: An Introduction/Abstract with Thesis that should be 1/2-1 page in length. You must cite at least 2 sources in the correct Chicago Footnote format.
Page 3: An outline or overview of the main points your project (this is a work in progress). Topic needs to be prior to the year 1700

Posted on : 02.11.2023 13 Bids $45-$150