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Instructions: Provide complete and detailed responses to the following questions. This should include a discussion of specific arguments and examples developed in the texts under consideration (when appropriate). Please upload the reactions as either Word or PDF documents. The reactions should also be submitted in narrative form; that is, proper sentence and paragraph structure and no lists or bullet points.

(1) Chernotsky and Hobbs discuss the importance of ‘multilateralism’ in postwar ...

Posted on : 11.19.2022 5 Bids $45-$45
3-page Psychology Psychology View more

Innocence project case study research paper.

Choose a single case from the Innocence Project Archives

Posted on : 11.15.2022 10 Bids $45-$100
IB extended essay (psychology) Psychology View more

The deadline is on November 14th and I will miss it. I have too much to do- I need really fast help. The IB Extended Essay word count is 4000 words. I cannot change the subject of the essay, but the topic is whatever the writer pleases (i started to write on altruism, but its okay if there is a preferred option that would make the writing process faster)

Posted on : 11.09.2022 13 Bids $80-$400
Short Paper Nursing View more

1.) What are 3 common S/E of Levorthyroxine?
2.) What medicatios would be given to a client exoeriencing diabetic kedoacidose. Explain why for each medication
3.) What are the top three teaching needs for a client being discharged on prednisone? Explain why for each One source needs to be Lilley, L. L., Collins, S. R.,

Posted on : 11.06.2022 10 Bids $15-$40
Rhetorical analysis essay on a music video Art/Music/Fashion View more

Minimum of 6-7 pages
Works cuyes page
MLA format
Can include photos to lengthen paper

Posted on : 11.06.2022 15 Bids $90-$100
3-Page English paper English/Literature View more

3-page English paper on Shakespeare's Othello. Topic and thesis is about uncovering the major flaw in the play. Must be familiar with content.

Posted on : 11.03.2022 11 Bids $45-$100
Film Analysis Fim/Theatre View more

The Film analysis blog must be 700 words and needs to consists of the following:

Film Data. Title, director, date of release, nationality, genre, production details; including, budget or cost and revenue. Any other information about the film itself, such as technicals, equipment, professional staff. This section may be open format; i.e., paragraph form not required.

Synopsis. More than a blurb, the synopsis is a summary of the plot. When introducing a character for the first time, na ...

Posted on : 10.28.2022 20 Bids $45-$100
College Application Essay English/Literature View more

I need 3 of these questions answered if possible. Any of them are fine and I can provide additional details for a more personalized response.

Posted on : 10.17.2022 21 Bids $50-$100
MSc Intro and possibly more Anatomy & Physiology , Biology Sciences , Medicine , Scientific Research View more

MSc Thesis on Cancer Research and using Gene editing. I need someone to start the intro for me as I’ve had very bad writers block for a while. If we fit I can give you more information. I have a detailed outline as well as some peer reviewed articles that would be helpful/pertinent to the introduction.

Posted on : 10.17.2022 13 Bids $88-$180
Marketing Marketing View more

5 page research paper.

Posted on : 10.12.2022 19 Bids $110-$300