Who are we?

PaperTakers LLC is an online marketplace that allows students to find freelancers to complete their school projects. PaperTakers initially started as an essay writing company that employed a team of high level writers. As the business has grown and evolved, we’ve decided to turn our service into an open platform for students to post projects and for freelancers to earn money!

What separates us from the competition?

Most of the competition and other websites are services that have their own writers, prices, and procedures. PaperTakers does not have writers or freelancers working directly under us. Our website is strictly a marketplace for academic freelancers and businesses to work with students.

Freelancers are free to join the site and apply/look for projects. Students are free to sign up and post any and all projects they need complete. Our only job is to ensure that payments are protected and to mediate any issues/disputes!

Why choose PaperTakers?

Our platform ensures safety, security, and trust for all parties! Not only is PaperTakers a registered US business/LLC in the state of Delaware. But we’ve also integrated an automatic escrow, STRIPE payment gateway, and smooth user interface to improve the experience of navigating through our site.

How do we prevent scamming?

We utilize an escrow to prevent scamming on our platform. An escrow is a system that requires the project owner to fund the project before hiring a freelancer. These funds sit under our custody while your freelancer works on your project. Your freelancer cannot run off with your deposit due to our escrow withholding the funds.

The escrow will only release money to the freelancer when the client has marked the project as successfully completed.

Benefits of escrow

  • Freelancer can work confidently knowing that the funds have been paid and protected legally by us.
  • Clients/Students don’t have to worry about freelancers stealing their funds. As money is only released upon approval.