About Us/Contact

What is PaperTakers and what do we do?

Our early begginings

Founded in May of 2015, PaperTakers began as an academic writing service with a small team of two writers. From June 2016 to April 2017, the company had completed 1000 orders and serviced over 450 clients from all parts of the world.

Around October of 2016, the team had developed plans to create a new website. A site that would provide a home for freelancers to grow their business and earn a living. While also allowing clients to connect with quality freelancers. The company’s platform was built specifically to bring safety and trust back into the world of academic writing.

What makes our platform safer than the competition?

Protection against scammers, blackmailing, and low quality work

During stressful times, some students have turned to “write my essay” or “do my homework” websites in a desperate effort to achieve a certain grade or to handle other obligations. Unfortunately, many of these websites take advantage of this desperation by promising quickly completed work at the price of a bag of peanuts. However, a quick google search will show that many of these websites have scammed students by never delivering the work, providing a plagiarized product, or delivering threats/blackmailing as a means to take more money.

What security features are included?

  • Anonymous website account/sign up
  • Escrow services supported by Stripe
  • Private website chat system
  • SSL encrypted server

What is an escrow?

An escrow is a secure deposit holding account. Before freelancers begin a project, clients must deposit money in the escrow as proof that funds are present. Once the client loads the escrow, the freelancer receives a notification to begin work. Both the freelancer and client have no access to the funds in the escrow. Once a freelancer completes the work, the client will have an opportunity to review the finished product. If the client is satisfied with the work, they can approve the release of the money in the escrow to the freelancer.

Career opportunities

Perfect for academic freelancers

Being an independent freelancer can be one of the most rewarding careers an individual can embark on. You can work when you want, take on the projects that you want, and become your own boss! However, being a freelancer can also prove to be incredibly difficult. Not only are you accountable for producing quality work, but you must also spend your own time and efforts trying to constantly find new clients. By using our platform you receive access to new projects and clients on a daily basis! We focus our time and resources on bringing clients to our website, so that you can focus on working with clients and completing projects.