• 1.How to post a project

    Log in to your PaperTakers account and on the right hand side of your dashboard will be a purple “Post Your Project” button.

  • 2.How to find bids and hire a freelancer
    • • On the left hand side of your dashboard, select the “My Projects” option. Find your project on the right and select the 3 vertical dots. In this sub-menu click “View Bids”
    • • You can then find the bids placed on your project (if bids were placed) and you can select to award the project to the freelancer of your choosing. Please note that the freelancer must then accept your project award to officially begin the project.
    • If the freelancer accepts your award, your officially ready to get your project started!
  • 3.Loading up our escrow with your funds

    This is a continuation of step 2 mentioned above. When awarding a project to a freelancer, the platform will ask that you submit the price of the project prior to work starting. Your funds are held securely in our escrow! An escrow holds your funds while the freelancer works on your project. The freelancer only receives the funds when you signal that the work was complete!

    Our escrow protects clients from being scammed (as the funds are only released upon client approval). The escrow also protects freelancers by securing the funds prior to the freelancer starting the project.

  • 4. How to chat with your freelancer
    • • Select “My projects” on the left hand side of the dashboard
    • • Find your project title and click it
    • • Click “Milestones” at the top and scroll down. Select the “Chat” option to begin communicating with your freelancer
    • • Submit files and talk with your freelancer at any time
  • 5. How to release the funds to your freelancer
    • • Go into your profile dashboard and on the left hand side select “My Projects” to find your project
    • • Select your project title and on the following page select the purple “Milestones” button near the top
    • • Scroll down to the milestones section and release the funds by clicking the 3 vertical dots and selecting “Release”
    • • Leave a review by
  • 6. How to leave a review

    • Select “My projects” on the left hand side of dashboard. Find the completed project, select the 3 vertical dots and click the “Post A Review” option in the sub menu.