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Five Paragraph synthesis Essay URGENT

Write Essay/Paper College Undergrad 3 pages 3 sources MLA English/Literature
Posted on : 03.13.2022 7 Bids $45-$50 Deadline : 03.12.2022

Project Detail

Part One (1 paragraph)
Pro Tip: Write this part last!
Introduce the academic conversation. What was the main problem or question under discussion? Who was participating in the conversation, and what were their general stances?
Be sure to introduce all three authors by their full names in this paragraph. Also be sure to include the full title of each text. (For the rest of the paper, refer to authors by last name only and when identifying texts by title, use shortened titles).
Foreshadow your "something new" (Part Three). Offer a hint about what emerged from this conversation for you. (Example Verbiage: "A synthesis of these three texts demonstrates the value of..." or "In this paper, I will discuss these three texts within the context of ..." or, if you choose to write an arguable thesis, something like "A synthesis of these texts will show that [insert thesis].)

Part Two (3+ paragraphs)
Pro Tip: Write this part first!
I recommend that you "gather quotes" as your first step to writing this part of the paper. Your main objective in this body of your paper is to demonstrate familiarity with the academic conversation by making connections between the texts. A precondition for this task is having read each text more than once, and having annotated and/or taken notes on each text.
One way to begin synthesizing is by linking quotes from the various texts that indicate agreement, partial agreement, or disagreement between their authors. Another way is by selecting quotes that elicit an intellectual and/or emotional response from you, discussing what they mean, how the other authors have responded or would respond to them, and finally (Part Three) asserting your own response to them. Another way to is to track the academic conversation in chronological order, indicating what the first author brought to the conversation and what they left out, how the next author responded and what they added to the conversation, and so on.
Each paragraph of this part of your paper should include quotes from at least two different texts. Each quote should be followed by analytic statements. It's essential that you connect quotes from different authors to one another. (Example Verbiage: While Stone believed that [insert summary of his idea], Du Bois believed that [insert summary of his idea]. Stone's belief that [...] is apparent when he states, "quote" (#). [Insert analytic statement about that quote.] In contrast, Du Bois insists that "quote" (#). Du Bois's emphasis on [...] indicates his value for [...] over [...].

Part Three (1-2 paragraphs)
Introduce "something new." This is the part of the essay in which you can assert your own claim or opinion! What are your observations about Stone's, Du Bois's, and Gilman's contributions to the conversation? When you spend enough time making connections between texts, you will reach a point where you become part of the conversation. Something new will emerge from your conversation with these texts. It might look like a judgment, a solution, a question, a claim, or even a personal revelation. The most important objective in this paragraph is to express "something new" that is clearly connected to your reading of the three texts. I am really looking forward to reading what is new to you individually! However, if you find yourself drawing a blank, you can try using your observations of the three texts to answer one of the following questions:

What does this conversation show us about the importance of a diversity of voices?

What does this conversation show us about the importance of listening, not just to ourselves, but to those outside our "car windows," outside our front door, outside our social circles?

What does this conversation show us about progress? What is progress? Who should decide what progress should look like and how it can or should be achieved?

Sources: Stone, Alfred H. "Is Race Friction Between Black and Whites in the United States Growing and Inevitable?" The American Journal of Sociology, vol. 13, no. 5, Mar. 1908, pp. 676-697.

Du Bois, W.E.B. in "Discussion of the Paper by Alfred H. Stone, 'Is Race Friction Between Blacks and White in the United States Growing and Inevitable?'" The American Journal of Sociology, vol. 13, no. 6, May 1908, pp. 820-840.

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. "A Suggestion on the Negro Problem." The American Journal of Sociology, vol. 14, no. 1, Jul. 1908, pp. 78-85.

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