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Hamlet Act 1 Analysis

Write Essay/Paper High School 3 pages 1 source MLA English/Literature
Posted on : 01.29.2022 7 Bids $30-$80 Deadline : 02.01.2022

Project Detail

Literary Analysis over the first act of Hamlet, 3-4 pages, MLA format. Please use at least 5 paragraphs and the structure that I lay out here, incorporating the thesis and quotes that I have included. Quotes can either be direct or indirect(paraphrased).

What actions does Hamlet have to take in order to Avenge his Fathers Death?
3-4 Pages

Thesis: To Avenge the ghost of his father, Hamlet must remember his father, punish the killer, and spare his mother.

Topic- Hamlet must remember his father
“The glowworm shows the matin to be near, And ‘gins to pale his uneffectual fire. Adieu, adieu, adieu. Remember me” (Hamlet 1.5.95).

Topic- punish the killer/revenge
“So art thou to revenge when thou shalt hear” (Hamlet 1.5.11).
“Denmark Is by a forgèd process of my death Rankly abused. But know, thou noble youth, The serpent that did sting thy father’s life Now wears his crown” (Hamlet 1.5.41).

Topic- Sparing his mother
“O wicked wit and gifts, that have the power So to seduce!—won to his shameful lust the will of my most seeming virtuous queen”(Hamlet 1.5.50).
“But howsoever thou pursuest this act, Taint not thy mind, nor let thy soul contrive Against thy mother aught. Leave her to heaven And to those thorns that in her bosom lodge To prick and sting her” (Hamlet 1.5.90).

No Uploaded Document Posted on : 29th,Jan, 2022

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