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WGU research proposal assignme ...

Write Essay/Paper | English/Literature , Information Systems | $75 - $200

Project Id : 479

WGU research proposal assignments

Write Essay/Paper College Undergrad 5 pages 5 sources APA English/Literature , Information Systems
Posted on : 11.19.2022 5 Bids $75-$200 Deadline : 11.21.2022

Project Detail

Please see PDF named RHM2 — RHM2 TASK 2 PLANNING AND CONDUCTING RESEARCH This outlines exactly what should be in the template and a rubric to follow. This will then be turned into a proposal applying what's in the template. Once that's done then see PDF named RHM2 — RHM2 TASK 3 WRITING A PROPOSAL this outlines exactly what should be included as well as a rubric to follow. Please make sure the proposal is in APA format. May require revisions so it's essential this gets completed according to the provided guidelines and rubric, if you've followed the rubric exactly and all information outlined in the rubric is there, relevant, and contain what's expected then no revisions should be required :) There's not exactly a specific number of pages, it's more so about the content that's in these meeting the requirements. (the number of pages includes the 3 pages in the template. The template should NOT be combined in with the template, they will be submitted separately. My Major is BS in Information Systems - but you can pick whatever topic on the provided list you feel most comfortable with.

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