Examining industrial hemp as an economic commodity and improving agricultural practices.

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Posted on April 3, 2019


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I) Introduction (less than 1 page)
-2018 Farm Bill Legality
-History, ancient and modern
I) Biological Properties (1-2 pages)
-Taxonomy & Morphology
-Sex Characteristics
-Ideal Growth Habitat (daylight, soil, temp, water, etc.)
II) Uses (1-2 pages)
-Misc if needed (“hempcrete”/building material, body care, alternative plastics, etc.)
III) Production Methods (Heavy focus 2-3 pages)
-Recommended N-P-K rates in fertilizer for field production (“N, P, and S fertilization effects on industrial hemp” I’d pull heavily from here)
-Rows vs. Seeding lbs/acre
-Greenhouse Methods (regulating N-P-K ratio for vegetative stage vs ratio for flowering)
IV) Economic Value (Heavy focus 2-3 pages)
-Value in hemp
-Growth trends
-Macroeconomics in US
-Microeconomics for rural farmers

No summary needed.

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I have experience in the cannabis industry, which is of course a subcategory of your topic. Beyond that I am very familiar with the uses and benefits of hemp. I will be able to provide a fast efficient paper for you.

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