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This simulation will take approximately 90 minutes, after which you will organize your thoughts and notes in a written paper. Take notes on what actions you took and why. A "How To" of the simulation is attached.

Simulation (Scope, Resources & Schedule): ...

Posted on : 06.03.2023 3 Bids $45-$55 United States

This assignment requires students to create a one-page infographic on the subject below. Infographics are free and easy to create, and below are two websites that can be accessed for those that have not yet created an infographic using either CANVA or VENNGAGE (links below)

COVID-19 is but one circumstance that has impacted an organization’s ability to obtain and retain the best talent in the marketplace. It does not appear that the talent search will become more accessible in the future ei ...

Posted on : 06.03.2023 3 Bids $15-$30 United States

In previous times, human resources were primarily concerned with processing – processing benefits, recruitments, terminations, evaluations, etc. Today human resources are much more concerned with utilizing the resources (mainly the employees) in the most productive and profitable manner. Few of these duties are as important as obtaining greater value or contribution from employees, which requires a conducive and stable relationship between employees and their employer. This may, at times, be m ...

Posted on : 06.03.2023 3 Bids $60-$65 United States
Test Project (Testing Purpose) Algebra View more

Lorem ipsum is placeholder text commonly used in the graphic, print, and publishing industries for previewing layouts and visual mockups

Posted on : 06.02.2023 2 Bids $0.1-$1
Primary Source Analysis History View more

Primary Source Analysis of The Decameron on the Black Death. If chosen I will provide a previous essay to help align the syntax so I have the best chance of researching from the paper. It would be a pleasure to do business!

Posted on : 06.02.2023 8 Bids $45-$150

Will describe in more detail when receiving bids!

Posted on : 05.24.2023 11 Bids $50-$100

You are a sheriff’s deputy on patrol in Your City, Your State (use your jurisdiction). During your shift, you stop a vehicle for a traffic violation. There is an adult male driver, Richie, and an adult female passenger, Sierra, in the vehicle.

As you approach the vehicle you smell a strong odor of marijuana as the driver’s window rolls down. You search the vehicle and find a pound of marijuana under the passenger front seat. During your investigation, you determine that the driver and ...

Posted on : 05.23.2023 8 Bids $50-$100
Criminal Law Assignment Law View more

Undercover Detective Clydenhause is investigating an extortion ring in which suspects Joey, Kyle and Jason are involved. An informant informed Clydenhause that these guys (above-mentioned) have been coercing young girls and boys (aged 15-17) into participating in pornography by threatening to tell their families that they are going to “rave” parties and using drugs, which the young persons have in fact been doing and each was filmed by Joey doing drugs at three separate parties. The young pe ...

Posted on : 05.23.2023 7 Bids $150-$200

Hello! I’m a political science major at a T10 university, and urgently need an expert in political theory & research to write my final paper. The essay itself is 5 to 7 pages double-spaced (11 point font, times new roman). It is for a (political science) class called ‘Public Opinion’ which explores questions about the nature of public opinion (how it can be defined, characterized, measured, and so forth) and it relates to the performance of the state. I need the paper completed as soon as ...

Posted on : 05.22.2023 9 Bids $75-$90
Comparative Essay English/Literature View more

Prompt: To what degree are Hamlet and Oedipus in control of their own fate? Which character exercises the most free will?

see attached photos for reference material (Hamlet and Oedipus script - i will provide), essay requirements, and rubric.

Posted on : 05.17.2023 7 Bids $40-$50