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Comparative Essay
Write Essay/Paper Political Science

Comparative essay between the migration policies in the United States and Mexico.

Posted on : 06.28.2022 8 Bids $105-$150
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I need a laravel developer
new cat Information Systems

I need a laravel developer to do my test task

Posted on : 06.24.2022 3 Bids $1-$10
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Write Essay/Paper Accounting

Discuss the key elements of The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This discussion should include at least one area that is being or was being attacked during the current or prior administration.

Posted on : 06.18.2022 10 Bids $88-$100
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Sarbanes Oxley
Write Essay/Paper Accounting

Discuss the events and resolution of this ethical dilemma. This should include a complete discussion of the events & A discussion of the ethical dilemma based of the approach in your text or your Auditing text. Discuss the similarities of this case and the ethical dilemmas related to the distribution. Pick 4 or 5 sections and identify how the act would affect the fraud committed in Enron or WorldCom.

Posted on : 06.18.2022 10 Bids $88-$100
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Research Paper
Write Essay/Paper Criminal Justice

Topic: Black Lives Matter and the contemporary implementation of Body Worn Cameras

Formatting requirements
The paper should be 2,500 - 3,000 words minimum. This is about 8 pages of content (not including the title page, abstract page, and reference list). You are allowed to write more.
Use 12-point font (Times New Roman or Calibri) Double-spaced with 1-inch margins
Use APA style for in-text citations and reference list

Required Parts
The paper should be 2,500 - 3,000 words minimum. Thi ...

Posted on : 06.12.2022 10 Bids $120-$520
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Introduction to Research report/long essay
Write Essay/Paper Scientific Research

I need 4000 words.
In text referencing and reference list in Harvard format.
Not looking for an A
The assignment requires you to research three articles and answers 15 long questions about each article. Articles are listed on paper and/or I can send you the three pdfs

Posted on : 06.01.2022 11 Bids $150-$160
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Electronic Health Records (EHR) Proposal Scholarly paper
Write Essay/Paper Nursing

Writing a proposal for an upgrade or purchase of a new EHR based on a case study presented. See attachment for further information.

Posted on : 05.18.2022 10 Bids $88-$90
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Time Constrained Assignment, 24hrs from details to submission.
Write Essay/Paper Accounting , Finance

Full details about the assignment will be given to us on the 26th, 2PM UK time/ 6AM PST. The assignment will then need to be submitted WITHIN 24 hours, preferably a little sooner.
It has been indicated that the questions will be the 4 below:

Examination Tasks
Task One Making use of the PESTLE tool internationally, select an organisation of your choice and undertake an analysis of the behaviour of this organisation in it’s national and international environments. Highlight how the nature ...

Posted on : 05.18.2022 11 Bids $135-$135
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E-commerce assignment
Write Essay/Paper Business

E-commerce assignment

Posted on : 05.09.2022 11 Bids $110-$110
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psychology research paper
Write Essay/Paper Psychology

I am a UK psychology undergraduate, need help on a paper about attention, knowledge in spss and statistic is needed,

Posted on : 05.05.2022 8 Bids $120-$150
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