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Paper research report submitted in the form of Word (.doc) or Acrobat document (.pdf) in the range of 1,800 to 2,000 words


Essentially, I want to know how IOT influences Knowledge Management in a sense where it gives certain companies/organizations a competitive advantage etc. I do not want to explain how IOT works. I need to see how the data and tools from IOT is converted into knowledge by using examples of specific scenarios where IOT does influence knowledge manag ...

Posted on : 11.25.2022 11 Bids $50-$50 Aruba
film response: cleo from 5 to 7 Fim/Theatre View more

I need a one page response to the French film Cleo from 5 to 7 (1962) which briefly describes the film and analyzes it through a feminist lens. I need to include references to the film and at least one reference to at least one of these articles: Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema by Laura Mulvey (1973), or Feminist Frameworks for Horror Films by Cynthia A Freeland (1996). Doesn't need to be super formal. I can try to provide access to the essays if needed.

Posted on : 11.25.2022 9 Bids $15-$25
Laudantium dicta vo Anatomy & Physiology View more

Rerum irure qui sapi

Posted on : 11.24.2022 2 Bids $1-$2

Assignment Prompt: Why has cyber security become a significant threat to geopolitics? How has it challenged security on the three levels of security that we've talked about this semester: international, national, and human? Use examples and citations from David Sanger's book The Perfect Weapon to support your analysis.

Use examples and citations from David Sanger’s book The Perfect Weapon to support your

Posted on : 11.24.2022 9 Bids $60-$100
Psychology Psychology View more

Research methods in psychology essay.

For more info, please mail me!

Posted on : 11.23.2022 12 Bids $88-$150
Management Accounting Accounting View more

3 questions to be solved within 18 hours. The submission portal closes at 2 am Pacific Time (5 am New York time).

"Question 2
Janex PLC is a multi-divisional organization manufacturing four different product lines. The directors of Janex are worried about its costing and performance management systems which are based around absorption costing and financial ratio analysis.

Draft a briefing note to the Directors of Janex that discusses:
The benefits of replacing absorption c ...

Posted on : 11.22.2022 6 Bids $50-$100
History Persuasive Essay History View more

Prompt: Evaluate the degree to which globalization after the end of the Cold War changed societies and compare that globalization with earlier forms of globalization we looked at in the beginning of the semester. Choose at least two regions to use as case studies to demonstrate differences and/or similarities before and after the Cold War. You will need to take a position and make an argument for why you believe globalization changed societies or not. You will then support your argument with amp ...

Posted on : 11.21.2022 10 Bids $45-$100

Five pages, approx. 2500 words
1” margins, 11 or 12-point font, using Times New Roman or Calibri.
NO double-spacing. [Single spacing and one space between paragraphs is recommended].
Write appropriate headings for all sections. Do not use questions as headings (increases SafeAssign score).
Do not number sections (that is not writing)

Use only materials as specified.

Case 1. Profiting from Pain: Business & the US Opioid Epidemic (p. 442, Lawrence & Weber ...

Posted on : 11.21.2022 10 Bids $160-$200
~1000 words - After Rana Plaza Business View more

Case 6. After Rana Plaza (in the Lawrence & Weber textbook).

Lawrence & Weber, Chapter 4 & Chapter 17 (see schedule)


Business Writing Principles (Under Writing Resources in Bb).

APA workshop notes and APA guide – proper citation is required.

Develop a formal paper, including an introduction and a conclusion, addressing the following:

§ Who was responsible for the collapse of Rana Plaza, and why? (40 points)

Please address the responsibility, if any, of the bu ...

Posted on : 11.21.2022 9 Bids $150-$150
WGU research proposal assignments English/Literature , Information Systems View more

Please see PDF named RHM2 — RHM2 TASK 2 PLANNING AND CONDUCTING RESEARCH This outlines exactly what should be in the template and a rubric to follow. This will then be turned into a proposal applying what's in the template. Once that's done then see PDF named RHM2 — RHM2 TASK 3 WRITING A PROPOSAL this outlines exactly what should be included as well as a rubric to follow. Please make sure the proposal is in APA format. May require revisions so it's essential this gets completed according to ...

Posted on : 11.19.2022 7 Bids $75-$200