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federalism paper Political Science View more

Federalism Research Paper
At the heart of the constitutional debate was the issue of federal government vs. state government. Do you believe in a strong national government, as James Madison argued in the Federalist Papers, or do you believe in stronger states’ rights, such as Thomas Jefferson supported? You will argue your opinion of these questions by completing the following:
DEADLINE: Wednesday, March 29th

1- Choose one of the following topics:
• ...

Posted on : 03.30.2023 8 Bids $60-$85
American Crime Fiction Research Paper English/Literature View more

7 to 9 double-spaced pages. In its argument, the paper must dialogue with at least two of the critical works:
- Red Harvest
- The Big Sleep
- In a Lonely Place
- The Talented Mr. Ripley
- Blind Man with a Pistol
- Bodega Dreams
- Lush Life
- Maggie Terry
As appropriate, the paper should dialogue with the formal, historical, socio-political, and generic issues. Your paper must have an argument and that argument must be your own, even as it responds to other critical work in the f ...

Posted on : 03.28.2023 6 Bids $120-$150
Natural Science Experiment Paper Scientific Research View more

You must use the rubric to direct the creation of your submission because it provides detailed criteria that will be used to evaluate your work. Each requirement below may be evaluated by more than one rubric aspect. The rubric aspect titles may contain hyperlinks to relevant portions of the course.

The experiment must be in the natural sciences—not computer sciences or the social sciences (e.g., psychology, sociology, economics). No simulations and no experiments on vertebrate animals (i ...

Posted on : 03.28.2023 6 Bids $30-$40

I need a 1,000-word literature review with 10 academic references on the topic of the impact of social media in sport events, mainly the Olympics.

Posted on : 03.26.2023 8 Bids $45-$75
Shutter Island Rough draft English/Literature View more

4-5 page + sources

Posted on : 03.22.2023 6 Bids $75-$100
Medical Research Essay English/Literature , Medicine View more

Select a medical concern in relation to a country other than the United States. Five-paragraph medical research essay, must be in APA format and have : a three point thesis, at least four sources, at least four APA citations within the research essay, title page, and a references page. Must be 2 complete pages long (not including reference page)

Posted on : 03.21.2023 13 Bids $50-$150

I have an essay due on March 17th, 2023, at midnight. I am looking for someone who can write it for me. It is very short notice, and I apologize in advance. I have a very tight budget.

The paper is about why people tend to lie about their gender and sexuality

Posted on : 03.16.2023 14 Bids $60-$70

According to Descartes’s Discourse on Method, what is the nature of the
person? In this work Descartes discuses knowledge, certainty, science,
God, the soul, the body, as well as the way in which philosophical thought
should approach these topics. He is trying to establish a new foundation
for philosophical thought, and to set philosophy on a new course. What
idea of the person emerges from his discussion of these topics and from
his attempt to establish a new direction for philosophy?

Posted on : 03.13.2023 13 Bids $45-$75
Arduino Project Computer Science View more

Prepare an arduino project with code example and explanations.

Posted on : 03.10.2023 6 Bids $60-$100
psychoanalysis of SI English/Literature View more

Create thesis statement for essay on Shutter Island

Posted on : 03.09.2023 7 Bids $10-$40