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Research paper
Write Essay/Paper International Relations

The central assignment of Senior Seminar is an extended, independent research project. You
will produce an original, high-quality research paper on a subject that fascinates and
intrigues you, and you will share your research with your classmates in a presentation.
You can select any topic related to modernity and/or life in today’s world for this project. As
with any research project, however, your work should begin with a clear and focused
question, problem, or observation. You should a ...

Posted on : 02.20.2022 7 Bids $150-$150
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X-Ray Data Analysis
Homework assignment Physics

Use a small data set of two contrasting x-ray scanning machines, and answer six questions (data analysis), and briefly write-up a short report for the experiment.

Detailed instructions attached in the word document, and data set in the excel document.

Posted on : 02.14.2022 6 Bids $40-$60
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Online sexual harassment of black women on online dating apps
Write Essay/Paper Sociology

Must be analytical, critical, and digital criminological theories

Posted on : 01.27.2022 11 Bids $180-$200
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Psychology Discussion Questions
Write Essay/Paper Psychology

List of 11 discussion questions for a psychology course. The questions need at least a half page response each.

Posted on : 01.25.2022 10 Bids $20-$300
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History Paper
Write Essay/Paper History

Presidential Report
5-7 pages
MLA or APA style
1500 words and a bibliography with 2 internet sources (no internet blogs)

Posted on : 01.24.2022 10 Bids $90-$300
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Choice: WW2/ The Great Depression/ The Cold War/ Life in Industrial America (All from American Yawp)
Write Essay/Paper History

* The core assignment of this course is a documented research paper (3 full pages double-spaced, 12-point font).
* The paper should support a thesis statement with information gained from research or investigation.
* The paper will not be just a report presenting information but will be a paper that carefully examines and presents your own historical interpretation of the topic you have chosen and your interpretation of the information you have gathered.
* The paper may include ...

Posted on : 01.20.2022 11 Bids $45-$100
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UK insurance Law
Write Essay/Paper Business , Economics , Law

10 assignment questions (each varying between 300 - 1,000 words in length) relating to UK Insurance Law. I’ll provide the text which can be used for citations but other sources relating to UK law are permitted. Similar to the varying assignment lengths, the number of citations per assignment will vary between 3-10.

May I ask that only people with a strong grasp of UK law and insurance message me please.

Posted on : 01.19.2022 14 Bids $500-$700
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International Business
Write Essay/Paper Business

I need a writer for two essays on the subject of international business (500 words each). They are due Monday 10th January at 7:00pm EST.

Posted on : 01.10.2022 13 Bids $60-$100
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Business Management Help Needed ASAP!
Write Essay/Paper Business

I cant believe I’ve left it so last minute but i need 1,500 words business management essay help. the deadline is 1/8. Read an article and answer three questions in Harvard referencing. I can provide reading materials and lecture notes. Thank you and have a good day

Posted on : 01.06.2022 10 Bids $60-$70
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Capstone project cybersecurity/IT
Write Essay/Paper Computer Science , Information Systems

I am looking for someone to write my capstone project for me. It should be written in APA format and should be around 20 pages long. I will need a topic approval form that I will submit and needs to be filled out. Topic could be of your choosing but needs to be cybersecurity related. Topic should be a topic proposing a technical solution to a problem. I will provide all guidelines and instructions as well as examples. One example has been submitted which details a final result of the expected pr ...

Posted on : 12.30.2021 12 Bids $345-$600
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