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Rhetorical analysis essay on a music video Art/Music/Fashion View more

Minimum of 6-7 pages
Works cuyes page
MLA format
Can include photos to lengthen paper

Posted on : 11.06.2022 15 Bids $90-$100
3-Page English paper English/Literature View more

3-page English paper on Shakespeare's Othello. Topic and thesis is about uncovering the major flaw in the play. Must be familiar with content.

Posted on : 11.03.2022 11 Bids $45-$100
Film Analysis Fim/Theatre View more

The Film analysis blog must be 700 words and needs to consists of the following:

Film Data. Title, director, date of release, nationality, genre, production details; including, budget or cost and revenue. Any other information about the film itself, such as technicals, equipment, professional staff. This section may be open format; i.e., paragraph form not required.

Synopsis. More than a blurb, the synopsis is a summary of the plot. When introducing a character for the first time, na ...

Posted on : 10.28.2022 20 Bids $45-$100
College Application Essay English/Literature View more

I need 3 of these questions answered if possible. Any of them are fine and I can provide additional details for a more personalized response.

Posted on : 10.17.2022 21 Bids $50-$100
MSc Intro and possibly more Anatomy & Physiology , Biology Sciences , Medicine , Scientific Research View more

MSc Thesis on Cancer Research and using Gene editing. I need someone to start the intro for me as I’ve had very bad writers block for a while. If we fit I can give you more information. I have a detailed outline as well as some peer reviewed articles that would be helpful/pertinent to the introduction.

Posted on : 10.17.2022 13 Bids $88-$180
Marketing Marketing View more

5 page research paper.

Posted on : 10.12.2022 19 Bids $110-$300

I am working on my master thesis. It is about nonnative English students in middle school science classrooms.
I am researching if preloading vocabulary has any affect on students whose native language other than English.

Posted on : 10.09.2022 15 Bids $750-$750
Academic Research Paper - Autonomous Vehicles Business , Economics , Finance , Scientific Research , Statistics View more

Academic Research paper with a body of 25-40 pages, not including title page, abstract, table of contents, annotated bib, list of tables or appendices. Thesis statement is that there will be a positive impact on society from the integration of autonomous vehicles.

There needs to be a Title page, abstract, table of contents, list of tables and figures (if applicable), introduction, research strategies, a review of the literature, discussions and conclusions, annotated bibliography, and append ...

Posted on : 10.09.2022 18 Bids $450-$800
Cyber security Computer Science View more

Looking for a paper on the importance and interactions of cyber security
Topics in mind
foreign affairs

Posted on : 10.08.2022 15 Bids $75-$100

Looking for a quote to complete a thesis due at the end of October 2022 (hoping to submit a draft before then).

it is a maximum 10,000-word systematic literature review about environmentally-friendly construction materials.

Posted on : 09.28.2022 22 Bids $450-$1000