Why Trust Us?

We understand why you might be scared about things going wrong using an essay writing service. Allow us a moment to explain why our company provides untouchable safety measures and support.

Is this illegal in any way?

  • Absolutely not. Essay writing is completely legal and does not break any laws in the US, Canada, UK, China, and or any country. This is one of the most common myths about essay writing.

Will I get caught by my teacher?

  • No! When our experts write your paper, they do so from scratch. Meaning every paper is originally written and properly cited. However, if you’ve been getting C’s and D’s all semester on your essays. It may look suspicious to your teacher when you start getting A’s on them.

Will plagiarism checkers flag my paper?

  • Not at all, because all papers have been written from scratch they’ll pass a plagiarism detector with extreme ease. Unfortunately other writing services have gotten students in trouble by recycling and providing work given to former clients. You won’t have this issue with us.

Who are these writers?

  • The writers that work under us have been carefully picked out by our team based on their degree, writing abilities, and experience in this business. All of our writers are from the US, Canada, UK, and other English speaking European countries. Unlike other services, we don’t compromise writing quality by hiring non-English native writers for cheap work.

Where is PaperTakers based out of?

  • PaperTakers is a legally registered business based out of the east coast of the U.S.

Will anyone find out I used this site?

  • Only if you tell them. Making an account with our site is completely anonymous and doesn’t link to any of your social media profiles. Avoid signing up with a university email however!

Is my payment information secure?

  • Yes! We use a 3rd party payment gateway, as well as an SSL Certificate (Green lock on your browser tab) to protect your information from the bad people on the internet.